Thecha | Maharashtrian style Thecha | Maharashtrian hirvi mirchi thecha

 Cooking Time: 30min 

Item Quantity
Green chili 8 in Quantity
Garlic Cloves 8 in Quantity medium size
Peanuts  3/4 Cup
Cumin seeds or Jira 1/2 Tablespoon
Sesame Seeds or til (Optional)  1/2 Tablespoon
Oil 3 Tablespoon
Salt As per test

  1. We are going to make spicy Thecha today, let's begin with it by roasting peanuts. We need to remove the cover from it after roasting it, until golden spots on it.
  2. Now we need to roast chili on a hot pan, once it will get roasted like dark spots on it, add garlic cloves and roast it till it gets some golden spots on it.
  3. We are going to add a spoon full of oil on top of it, be careful, before adding oil, we need to turn off the flame, and we need to keep a safe distance from the pan, as there are high chances that chili can jump out of the pan. 😆
  4. Now cool down all of our ingredients and after that, we are going to grind all of the peanuts, chili and garlic together. We can also add sesame seeds or Til in this grinding procedure as well. Sometimes, people like whole sesame seeds in the Thecha, so we can skip it from this step.
  5. Now, heat up the pan and add 2 tablespoons of oil in it, add cumin seeds or Jira, once it crackle, add the grinding mixture, sesame seeds or Til, and salt as per test, roast it on low flame for about 2 min. Our Thecha is ready to serve. Serve it with Bhakari, Chapati, or Thalipeeth.

If we like crunchy Thecha, keep it in the pan itself, until it cools down completely.

The Thecha is very delicious and has about 53 calories in a spoon full of it. It's a very tasty and authentic Maharashtrian food. It's a quick recipe and specifically used as a supplement or a chutney. 

In some of the region of Maharashtra, people used to add dry coconut powder as well in this recipe. It also increases its test and helps to reduce the spiciness from it.

It has many variants, but the primary ingredients are chili peppers (green or red) and garlic, often tempered in oil and a multitude of spices such as cumin, sesame seeds, Hing or asafetida, cloves and grated coconut seasoning.

It is served with dishes, like Pithla Bhakri, which is traditional Maharashtrian food. We are going to check Pithla recipe very soon. Bhakri is kind of flatbread, which is often made from Jowar or Bajra. 

Bhakri is not very easy to make, it needs very much effort to learn a perfect Bhakri making process. It took perfect measurements of water and its made by pressing the dough by fingers and palms.

Thecha is not a vegetable, which we can directly eat with Bhakari or Chapati, its a supplement or we can say a chutney. Eating it too much is not good for our stomach. So be careful, just try to control on self, cause it will cause loose motion or stomach pain. 😁

It will remain as it is for 4 to 5 days if it's out of contact with water. We can carry it to a picnic as well, with Poori, or some other diet options.

Hope you guys will enjoy a recipe a lot and try this at your place. Don't forget to comment on us, your experience with Thecha.

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