Aloo Tuk | Sindhi style aloo tuk

 Cooking Time: 40 Min 

Potato or aloo3 in Quantity (Medium size)
Coriander Powder 1 Teaspoon
Cumin Powder1 Teaspoon
Turmeric powder1/2 Teaspoon
Powdered Sugar (Optional)1/2 Teaspoon
Red Chilly Powder1 Teaspoon
saltAs per test
OilTo deep fry

  1. Today we are going to make one Sindhi recipe, Aloo Tuk. We are going, to begin with, cutting of potato, we are going to cut it like a wedge, as shown in referral image. We can also cut in thick slices, it depends on us. we are not going to remove the skin of potatoes, it will add some extra test to it.
  2. It's very easy to make but need to follow some instructions, we need to wash these potato's now, to remove extra starch from it.
  3. Now we are going to deep fry it, we are not deep frying it as a final product, so we are cooking it on medium flame only, so it will become soft from inside as well. It's the sign of potato's cooking that its edges will become golden a little (If we are cutting it in wedges). We can check if it's cooked or not by pressing the fork in it.
  4. We are going to remove it from oil and keep it on tissue paper to remove excess oil. After it gets cool, press it by a palm of our hand.
  5. Now, we are going to deep fry it again, on low flame. We fry it until it becomes crunchy and golden from outside. Remove it from oil once it is done.
  6. Heat up a pan with a spoonful of oil in it. Once, the oil becomes normal hot, add chilli powder, salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder, powdered sugar and now toss it with these potato chips. After the second frying, if we have enough oil on potato, we can directly sprinkle this masala on top of it and toss it on a pan.
  7. Once, Masala gets applied to all the sides of it, it's ready to eat, it can be eaten hot also. Squeezing some lemon on top of it will give us best result.
Aloo Tuk

To adding extra flavour in it, add some salt, oregano and chilli flex, it will test like we never had before.😋

The famous Sindhi Aloo Tuk contains around 290 calories in the single-serving plate. It's very delicious, and the people have it for lunch or dinner.

We can deep fry it 3 times as well for getting extra crispiness in it. We can use any size of potatoes in this recipe. If potatoes are small enough we can cut it half, and it's ready to deep fry.

Potato is the best combination goes with almost all the kitchen ingredients. This is the Indian version of the french fries we can say. 

In some region, people used to coat the potatoes with rice flour, while second frying. But it's not a traditional way of doing it and, our oil becomes dirty as well.

It is not the starter of the Sindhi meal, it acts as a supplement during lunch or dinner, like Pakoda.

Isn't it a delicious supplement?

We can also have it as a snack, some times, we need extra spicy and mouthwatering food to have, this is the best recipe for that hunger.

Have the Aloo Tuk at your side, enjoy the recipe and keep commenting us so that we will get some inspiration from you guys.

Aloo Tuk

Reference images:
1) Cut the wedges of potato:

Cut the wedges of potato

2) Deep fry it until it gets soft:

Deep fry it until it gets soft

3) Press it by a palm
Press it by a palm