Onion crispy pakoda or Pakora | Onion Pakoda - Crispy Onion Fritters

Cooking Time: 15min 

Item Quantity
Gram flour or Besan Half cups
Cornmeal or semolina or rice flour3 Tablespoons
Salt As per test
Onion thinly sliced 3 in Quantity
Ajwain or Carom seeds 1 Tablespoon
Sesame Seeds or til1 Tablespoon
Red Chilly Powder1 Teaspoon
Chopped Coriander2 Tablespoons
Baking Soda2 pinch

  1. Take a mixing bowl, add gram flour, salt as per test, cornmeal, carom seeds, sesame seeds, red chilly powder, chopped coriander, baking soda, now mix these dry ingredients.
  2. Separate the layers of the onion, it will make our pakoda extra crunchy. Add it into a bowl, add generous amount of water, which will make the mixture in flowing consistency. This mixture will looks like image show's blow. (generously pour the water otherwise mixture will make the bubbles of gram flour)
  3. Your mixture is ready to deep fry. Heat up the oil enough and afterwards low down the flame. Take a small portion of batter by the spoon or by hand and drop it in oil.
  4. Deep fry it till its color become dark orange and its ready to eat.
Onion Pakora

Try to add less baking soda in pakoda. It is not good for our health and without it also we can make Pakoda crispy by frying them on low flame.

In India, people loves to eat pakoda at any time, but normally it is getting served at evening tea time. People used to eat this with green chutney or tamarind chutney or green deep-fried chilly. 

In one plate of pakoda there are 315 Calories, so make sure you are not going to eat more than a plate. Gram flour is also not good enough for the stomach, so make sure you are adding carom seeds in it. Carom seeds helps to digest the food very quickly. 

This recipe of onion pakoda is a North Indian style recipe. This is basic onion pakoda– though there are variations with the type of spices and herbs used in it. 

The recipe makes for crispy fritters having the texture of caramelized onions from the outside. While the texture inside the pakoda is in contrast with softened onions in a well-cooked and spongy bread.

Some people like to eat this with bread and tomato ketchup. It's very popular Indian snacks and there are different styles of making Pakoda. There are different types of Pakora exist in different region's of Indian, like potato pakora, methi pakora etc.

Isn't that seems too much crunchy and yummy?😋

We can make the same thing using potato or boiled egg, instead of onion. Comment us, how's your experience with pakoda. Have a great tea time guys.

Onion Pakoda

Reference image:
1) Pakoda batter 

Pakoda batter