Chutney Chapati | Maharshtrian Chapati or Roti | Shengdana chutney

 Cooking Time: 30min (at least 40 min rest for the dough is required)

Ingredients for Chapati:
Item Quantity
Wheat flour  2 Cups for 5 Chapati
Oil 4 Tablespoon
Salt As per test

Ingredients for Shengdana chutney:
Item Quantity
Peanuts  1 Cups 
Red chilli powder  1 and 1/2 Tablespoon
Garlic clove or Garlic powder  1 Clove or Powder 1 tablespoon
Desiccated coconut or dry coconut (Optional)  2 Tablespoons
Salt As per test

  1. We are going to make the recipe of Chapati and Shengdana chutney, which Maharashtrian people eats every day. Chapati is a flatbread, which they eat with any vegetable, with the supplement of Shengdana chutney. 
  2. Let's make the dough of Chapati first, take a bowl and add wheat flour and salt. Mix it well and we are going to knead the dough by adding normal temperature water gradually in it, to make the soft dough. Cover it and keep it aside at least for 40 min.
  3. Till that we will make the Shengdana chutney, take a pan and roast the peanuts on the medium flame till it gets brown spots on it. We need to roast it from all the sides.
  4. Once its cool down completely, we are going to remove its skin. To removing its skin we can add it in a carry bag, keep same space and pack it. Keep it on the rolling pin and roll it for about 2 min by pressing it a little, it is the very easy way to remove the skin of peanuts. 
  5. We are not using its skin so needs to separate it from broken peanuts. Peanuts skin is bitter in test, so it will add some bitterness in chutney as well, so in any recipe, we are not gonna add any its cover at all.
  6. In a grinding jar add peanuts, garlic clove or powder, chilli powder, desiccated coconut or dry coconut and salt. Grind it a little it depends on us how we like it if we like it crushed only we can grind it very well. Our chutney is ready and we can keep it at least for 15 days, its remain as it is.
  7. Now finally, let's make Chapati, take a portion of dough with the help of dry flour, make a smooth ball out of it, now roll it a little on rolling pin. Apply half spoon of oil on top of it and sprinkle some dry flour, make a fold so it is half-circle now.
  8. Again, apply some oil on atop it and sprinkle some dry flour as well. Again, we are going to fold it, now it became a triangle with one curvy side. Now we are going to make a circle shape from this triangle. 
  9. It's very easy to make a circle out of this triangle, we will start spreading the Chapati from centre to the curvy side of the triangle. We can refer the GIF attached in the referral images. We know it needs so much practice and we are not going to press it too much while rolling it, cause it will remove its layers.
  10. We can decide its thickness, this thin kind of roti, but some people like it a little thick so that all the layers they can fill from it.
  11. On a flat pan, we are going to cook it from both the sides by applying oil or ghee or butter on top of it. We are roasting t on high flame otherwise it will not be soft, and we are roasting it till it didn't get While Roasting it we can see it gonna puffs up like a balloon. 
Chapati and chutney

1) Adding a spoonful of sugar in peanuts chutney will increase its test.

Everyday meal Chapati contains around 130 calories. It is the basic food in many regions in Maharashtra. This roti gets eaten every day at lunch and dinner with some vegetable.

In India, basically, roti or Chapati which is made from whole wheat flour is the basic element in the meal. This flatbread is only salty in the test, but we get the great fragrance and test from wheat.

No any type of yeast or baking soda is gonna added in this Chapati at all. Wheat is one of the greatest sources of High in nutrients and fiber and vitamin B.

Lower your risk of heart disease and reduce the risk of obesity as well. The fiber in whole grains can support healthy digestion in various ways. First, fiber helps give bulk to stools and lowers your risk of constipation and second, some types of fiber in grains act as prebiotics.

Isn't it good for health?

Let's talk about Shengdana chutney. Shengdana means peanuts. It's one of the sources from which we can get oil as well. It's not much good for our health, but in Maharashtra people used to add it in almost every vegetable while preparing it.

This chutney remains as it is for a while if it is far away from water. If it caught in connect of water by mistake we need to finish it by keeping it in the frieze.

This is the most affordable meal item, most of the poor people are surviving without vegetable, by eating just chutney chapati, with raw onion. It's an amazing combination, by the way, we need to try it at least once.  

Have it at once in your life, and don't forget to add the how wonderful experience you have with this combination.

Chutney Chapati

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